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Champion  updated
In Women's Sizes Up to 4X
Offering the finest in athletic , yoga, leisure and underwear 

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Enell Sports Bras  updated
In Women's Sizes 32C to 50DDD
The ENELL Sports Bra was designed by larger breasted women for larger breasted women! Manufactured with a high-tech wicking fabric, ENELL comes in ten sizes (32C-50DDD) and four colors. Custom orders are available. Used by Oprah, this no-bounce sports bra works with two supportive layers of fabric, wide shoulder straps, solid ribcage band and a posture support system sewn into every bra!

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Junonia  updated
In Women's Sizes Up to 4X
One of our favorite curvy companies for the active plus size woman! Junonia is named for the beautiful, rare seashell that washes up on the beaches of Florida. It takes its name from the Goddess Juno, protectress of the well being of women. In art, Juno is depicted as a woman of majestic size and beauty. This is why the word 'Junoesque' is used to describe women of stature and femininity.

Caters Exclusively to the Curvy Community
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