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    I was thinking about the reasons why most people give up while attempting to reach their fitness goals. Usually the first few months are great, when you realize that you can do it, you are extremely motivated and you push yourself to the limit and think, gosh I am going to do it this time.

    The reason why I came up with this topic is because so many people give up when they hit a plateau, better known as a wall. Your body is just saying to you, "I'm ready for a new challenge, push me a little bit harder." Everything is going great for you; here you are working your but off and then suddenly you hit the dreaded plateau. You try and try, but nothing works and you can't seem to loose another ounce of weight.

    I'd like to think of plateaus as a reminder of how great you are doing. Because a plateau is really just letting you know that your body is getting in shape and is used to all of the great things you are doing. I like to tell my clients to try using a new method of cardio. For example, if you do the elliptical trainer 4 times a week for a half an hour. Try changing 2 of those days to jogging or riding a bike. Swimming is also another way to break the monotony of your work out.  Another tip is, increase your water intake. Maybe your body needs a little bit more hydration to help your metabolism burn more body fat.

    Remember, if you are weight training you are also gaining muscle which weighs a lot more than fat, so before throwing in the towel, try measuring yourself once a month to see if you are actually loosing inches. It all counts!  

    Even though sometimes you feel intimidated, just remember you are doing something great for yourself. Keep on pushing and don't forget to treat yourself once a week you deserve it!

    Proper Fitness Goals

    As a personal trainer I get a lot of questions from people about what they should do for certain things. For instance:

    How can I get rid of my stomach?
    How can I get rid of my under arm fat?
    How can I get rid of my inner thighs?

    And then I always hear people say that they want to loose weight and that in reality they should already be thin because they never eat. Honesty, these are the things that make me concerned about plus-size women.

    People think that by starving themselves that it is going to help them loose weight. All starving yourself does is make you feel worse about yourself and have no energy. Plus when you do eat you normally will eat something very unhealthy, which doesn't do anything for your fitness goals.

    The first thing I want to say is, there is no such thing as spot training without proper diet and cardiovascular exercise.

    Gets your heart rate up, delivers oxygen to your muscles to help you
    warm up, and helps you burn calories. The more cardio you do, the more
    calories you are going to burn. Also, you can't burn fat unless you eat
    the right type of foods, because if you are eating blank calories then you
    are going to be burning them off instead of the fat. 

    ySpot training:
    Yes, you can do as many crunches, leg lifts, upper body weight
    training, squats, and chest presses that you want. But this is not
    necessarily burning fat in those particular areas. Building muscle,
    yes which will help you burn more calories and tone up, YES!

    Men and women store fat in different areas. Men tend to keep fat in the mid section and women have more fat on their thighs and under arms. When you set out to loose any sort of weight the areas that we want gone are usually the last to come off.

    My best suggestion for plus-size women who want to get toned in a specific area and stay curvy is to eat nutritiously (every 2-3 hours), have a variety of fruits and veggies, drink a lot of water (let me stress the importance of this, there are so many great reasons), and get on a routine of working out. Cardio at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. Weight training every other day on all different areas of your body. In fact, a good idea is to see a personal trainer for an orientation at your local gym.

    Remember, don't deprive yourself or have an unrealistic goal. You and I are bigger women and no matter what, we will always have our gorgeous curves. We are special because of our curves and we do not have to "starve" ourselves to get thinner. Starving creates a bad relationship with food and as plus-size women we need to have better relationships with food, fitness, and our bodies!

    Love yourself for who you are and appreciate every
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