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by wendy shanker

Like so many curvy women who had limited clothing options (back in the day – it’s a whole new story now), I became a beauty product junkie at an early age.  There are a few new products on the market now that will make you feel beautiful, inside and out.

After being burned by several different eyebrow waxers (and I mean literally burned, as in the skin blistered and peeled off my eyelids --- eowwww!!!), I decided my last chance for brow success would be to go the famous Eliza's Eyes at the Avon Salon & Spa at Trump Tower in Manhattan.  Eliza is considered “The Queen of the Arch,” and trains all of her associates. (Our own Executive Editor, Michele Weston swears by Eliza. In fact, when I first complimented her on her own arches, she smiled and said “Thanks, these are Eliza’s eyebrows!) I figured, if they could charge $80 for an eyebrow wax, it had better be good. 

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Eliza’s Eyebrow Essentials
Well, apparently the problem wasn’t the wax or the waxer – it was me.  My skin is just too sensitive for waxing.  So I’m delighted to find Eliza’s Eyebrow Essentials, a lovely suede and leather maintenance kit that includes all the tools necessary for good brow grooming, along with guidelines created by Eliza herself.  All yours for $68 at  And please ladies, enough with the over-plucking.  It’s just rampant and it has to stop.

I’ve gotten manicures in half the states in this nation.  And while you don’t often find China Glaze polish on the East Coast or in the Midwest, it’s all over nail salons on the West Coast and in the South. 

What stands out about China Glaze is the wide selection of really dramatic colors.  Now China Glaze is topping itself with a new Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula, which they recommend for use especially after removing acrylics or preventing splitting nails.

I tried it as a topcoat on an existing manicure and found it extended the life of my mani by at least a few days. (The company guru said it’s best to use it alone and let those nails catch up to each other with no nail polish color, but heck, I love my red nails…) 

A  .65 fl. ounce bottle retails for approx $5.99
Log onto

China Glaze polis

boots Detox Kit

When I traveled to London a couple of years ago, I think I stopped in a dozen Boots stores on the hunt for health and beauty products.  Boots is a line that British girls swear by, and they have different brands within the line including Botanics, cosmetics, sleep aids, and more.  The quality of Boots is high, almost like Kiehl’s…but the prices are much closer to what you’d find in a drugstore, with most items retailing between $7.99 and $9.99  I tried the Detox Kit, a five-day plan to revitalize multiple organs, including the skin and the brain. 

I’m a little leery of beauty products that cross over into the health arena, but the supplements in the Detox kit are mostly made of big boosts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  The kit also includes a face mask, salt scrubs, and a brush.  While I can’t vouch for the physical efficacy of the Detox (although they have a machine in London that does!), I can say that it felt really good to focus on myself for five days, and make the effort to give my body and spirit lots of attention and support.  I’m trying the Sleep line next!  Best of all, Boots is finally high-tailing it across the pong, and coming to a Target store near you.  Look for the Detox kit for $29.99.

Also check out their website at


Remember – all of these products, and the ones that line our shelves and fill our drawers, are fun and pleasurable.  But true beauty doesn’t come in a compact or a kit – it comes from the spirit.



Portrait Photographer: Luke Jones



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about wendy shanker

Wendy’s first book, “The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life,” was published by Bloomsbury USA.  You may have seen Wendy discussing it on “The View,” “Good Morning America,” “CBS Sunday Morning,” “The Jane Pauley Show,” “Life & Style,” “Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered,” and “CNN Saturday Night.”  Wendy co-hosted Oxygen’s “She-Commerce,” a show about shopping and style.  She also appeared on Oxygen as an entertainment correspondent for “Pure Oxygen,” and a movie reviewer for “Girls On.”

Her byline has appeared in Glamour, Self, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Seventeen, Mode and Grace and on MTV, as well as underground women’s magazines like Bust and Bitch. She is a contributor to the anthology Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rules of Beauty and Body Image (Seal Press, 2004), and The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide To Guilt (Dutton, September 2005). 

Wendy is honored to be a national spokesperson for NOW’s Love Your Body Day. She is also one of Us Weekly’s Fashion Police – so she is constantly expecting a B-list celebrity to kick her ass.  Find out more about her at



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