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by valerie valliere

A Planter's New Best Friend & 'Supper's Waiting!'

My mind always seems to turn to food when I start research for another issue of AmaZe. In some ways, the following two featured cyber-businesses are related if you think the way I do. So allow me to draw back the veil to reveal two websites with interesting concepts: Home Bistro Foods, Inc. and Holy Terra Products, Inc. respectively. One company provides a satisfying array of easy-to-prepare dishes, while the other makes known to the world the organic practices driving back a variety of arthropod from destroying our precious crops before such material is harvested. Now plunge into the inviting side of the internet with me.....

Dark Chocolate Mousse

With the weather getting warmer, you're not always going to feel like spending the day in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove while something is baking in the oven. So why not let somebody else do the cooking...or should I say, do all the more tedious and time-consuming chores while all you're left to do is as easy as dropping a "boiler bag" into a pan of steaming water for about ten minutes. Now it's possible with the help of my friends at Home Bistro Foods, Inc. Their chefs do all of the slicing and dicing, chopping and roasting, with no untidy kitchen disorder for you to clean up. The way that these culinary super heroes manage this is through a preparation known as "sous-vide", where edibles are fully prepared in their kitchen and wrapped in airtight packaging to maintain flavor and quality. It may sound too good to be true, as was my first viewpoint until experiencing it for myself. This option can be yours with a simple click of the mouse at or by calling 1-800-628-5588 to request a free catalog filled with a variety of entire expert-arranged feasts, including for those who are on special food restrictions such as low-carb, low-fat and low-sodium nutritional plans.

I had the opportunity to put the 'Chef's Favorites’ Sampler to the test, consisting of a generous selection of all-time favorites. My dinner guests and I started with an appetizer of Smoked Salmon & Mozzarella Ravioli with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing; a dish that fills the bill. One could never have enough lobster bisque, so we next indulged in this treat along with stone ground wheat bread. One word: Yum! Now bring on the main course!! Oh, to decide on which provision. For finicky seafood addicts, I'd recommend the Salmon Fillet & Shrimp in Lobster Sauce dinner, while the Blackened Chicken Breast in Champagne Sauce is a magnet for poultry admirers. If beef is what you crave, then Beef Stir Fry it is. And to wrap it up, I conquered boring, everyday dessert by serving to my taste testers Home Bistro's alternative.

Filet Mignon & Jumbo Shrimp Duet

Their recently introduced ‘Dessert Sampler’ expands their popular line of sweets by combining three individual servings of Ultimate Chocolate Blackout Cake and three traditional mini New York Cheesecakes. All magnificently prepared with tender loving care, these complete meals and scrumptious desserts are transported throughout the whole country using dry ice to ensure the temperature of the contents. So that means even if your father or favorite male relative lives 100 miles away and you can't be there in person to enjoy a meal with him, this lucky boy can still have Father's Day glorified to a superior gourmet event by getting Home Bistro delivered to the front door compliments of you. Remember, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


Just ask company president and CEO, David Thompson, who has in excess of twenty years of skill in circulation and marketing experience. This New York headquartered establishment is well respected for its belief that if a customer isn't fully content with its order, they will take care of your concerns to make it up to you. Now, that's the decent way to conduct business. At, magic is revealed.

Supper is waiting...make it yours.

Home Bistro Foods, Inc.
190 Banker Road, P.O. Box 2216
Plattsburgh, New York 12901

Ever wonder how food providers produce such perfect and unblemished masterpieces when it comes to a fancy recipe? It all rolls back to the farmers; the people who nurture seedlings into full-grown plants bearing vine-ripened fruit such as green beans, strawberries and eggplant. And they are also the ones who are responsible for seeing that the produce reaches this point with no interruption or distraction from pesky bugs and other harmful annoyances. Well, it turns out that the good people from the Holy Terra Products Company have become a planter's best friend with the creation of a product called Anti-Pest-O. No, it's not an Italian sauce or a newly invented pizza pie. It isn't even something you can consume, although it is all-natural. It's a pure and efficient horticultural shield using three manageable components to stand up against destructive nuisances. In simple terms, it’s a bug spray made up of hot Habanero peppers, sharp-smelling garlic and Azadirachtin (the effectual element common in the seeds of India's neem tree) equally useful for spritzing on indoor plants as well as outside.

With no dangerous synthetics, this product keeps away vegetation's enemies without inflicting injury upon advantageous creatures, animals or kids. Officially recorded with The United States Environmental Protection Agency and The Organic Materials Review Institute as an organically -declared biopesticide, Anti-Pest-O has confirmed safeguard for leaves and stems without applying perilous additives to our natural drinking resources, dirt and atmosphere.

Holy Terra Products Company

Concocted by investigative biologist Dr. Jim White, the wisdom of and drive for flawless cultivation piloted Holy Terra to their choice of stock constructed four years ago, strengthening an extraordinary stance about the environment. Pest management services, yard care operations and hothouses floriculture retailers also accumulate placation recognizing this merchandise as being trustworthy to use, as it is biodegradable. This product will soon be the favorite in your personal greenhouse, too, available in 16, 32 and 64 ounce bottles sold premixed and in concentrate formula with more bang for your buck. Hop onto to visit a well-composed internet site apt to cause you to say “Uncle”. Anti-Pest-O can be found at hardware centers and lawn & garden shops along the East Coast. If your neighborhood yard appliance dealer doesn’t yet carry this stuff, ask for it by name and have them call 1-207-871-8822 for more information about stocking this Maine-based corporation.

Holy Terra, you’ve come to our field rescue!

Holy Terra Products, Inc.
115 Fox Street
Portland, Maine 04101-2539

This write-up, as well as my article for every upcoming month, is based solely on my first-time experience with the participating companies. Most, but not all occurrences, will be equal to the results I experience based on individual circumstances. To the best of my knowledge, I try to investigate every aspect of the commercial enterprise’s business procedures and the wares they sell.

Please relay any feedback to my email, both positive and negative, so I can have a better understanding of what my readers expect out of me. Thank you.

Diva Valerie



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Valerie has been an active member of the plus size movement for many years. She is active in the broadcasting business, lending her voice to many radio commercials and voice-overs. Valerie is also pursuing a career as a professional model and actress.


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